Drawing Inspiration with art designs

Art and marketing can meet in the middle, especially when we’re talking about visual trends. Whether it’s looking to the past for inspiration, or analyzing the present to be able to get a glimpse of the future — many of our trends can be used as a starting point to get inspired for projects.

The visual trends put together by Deposit photos are a way to tap into the next big thing in visual communication and perhaps create something memorable, new, and refreshing. At the end of the day it’s also about understanding your audience, understanding how to best appeal to them and how to choose images and create content that will truly resonate with people.

thumb-stopping visuals, but also a more personalized approach to communication. To get a quick recap in this article.

1. The Era of Personalization

it’s all about relevant content and visuals that speak to individual clients. More often than not, marketers are the “one-size-fits-all” marketing, which led to the emergence of a personalized approach to communication. Food for thought is how you can use the information you have to tailor content to individuals rather than segments of consumers.

2. Creative Provocation

To stand out from the noise, you have to constantly try new things. Brave, bold and daring creative choices help brands leave a long lasting impression. The choices of visuals have to have a “thumb-stopping” effect in light of how content is often viewed on mobile devices and on the go. Create memorable content, and you’ll be a point of discussion that circulates the web.

3. Nostalgic Flashbacks

Leveraging fond memories of aesthetics from the past decades works depending on your target audience. Thow in palettes, patterns and fonts with a modern twist if you want to appeal to a specific group of people. Going old school can be a creative edge for projects, as some have done in the past with reminiscent designs.

4. Embracing Art

Drawing inspiration from masters of the past, artists interpret notable styles and incorporate it into their projects. Even some accounts use classical works of art to create collages and re-purpose art with a twist. Stock photographers too have ventured into this kind of field for inspiration and put together whole projects revolving around art.

First Global Aesthetic

Quartz were the first to spot this when they asked why are starting to look the same around the world. It has powered the emergence of a homogeneous design trend that is starting to shape interiors and still life in the places we eat, drink, and pass time. Scary but true, the factor is considered across many fields in art and design.

6. Adding Layers of Interaction

Everyone is looking for innovative ways to get people to interact with content. The trends stretches beyond the design with the goal to create more engaging experiences. If people have a chance to interact with content, their involvement will make projects and campaigns more memorable. This is especially true when we speak of content that has to stand out.

3D Design Transition

Graphic designers are experimenting with 3D design to add more depth and challenge static visuals. Many Depositphotos contributors have shown an interest in these types of visuals. Experimentation with 3D allows for the content to be used in combination with interactive elements as we’ve done.

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